Tournament Rules

This championship is made off 350 qualification stages in Italy, Austria and Spain, between 3 and 5 for each Club, 5 National SemiFinals and an International Final.


The championship formula is 18 holes stableford, with 3 handicap categories.

(Playing Handicap: 1st Category hcp 0-12, 2nd Cat. hcp 13-22, 3rd Cat. hcp 23-36)

The awards are gave to the 1st and 2nd place players of each category, to the 1st Gross, and to the 1st Lady and 1st Senior.


After each stage, the golf club will release a standing, giving points to the first 12 placements in each handicap category, plus the special standings for the Gross, Lady and Senior.

Following this ranking:

1st Place, 25 points   /   2nd Place, 20 points   /   3rd Place, 15 points   /   4th Place, 12 points

5th Place, 10 points   /   6th Place, 8 points   /   7th Place, 6 points   /   8th Place, 5 points

9th Place, 2 points   /   10th Place, 2 points   /   11th Place, 2 points   /   12th Place, 2 points


Points are gave, based on the overall standing, and not based on the awards.

So, the winner of one category will also be able to receive 25 points or less, in more then one standing.

If a player, at the end of the qualification will win more then one standing, then the winners will be decided based on the following rules.

If there will be balance of points between players, the semi-final will be rewarded to the player with the best placements in the 3/5 qualification rounds.


During the Qualification to the Semi-Finals or to the International Final.

If the winner of an Handicap Category will also win a special Standing, as the Stroke, Senior or Lady. The player will attend the semi-final through the special standing, and the 2nd place player in the handicap category will be rewarded with the semi-final as the Category winner.

The next round will be awarded based on the following criteria:

1) Lady Standing, 2) Senior Standing, 3) Scratch Standing, 4) Category Net Standing


The players with most points on each standing (each Handicap Category, plus Scatch, Lady and Senior), will be allowed to partecipate to the National Semi-Final. It is not possible to accumulate points from different golf clubs of the same nation.


Players that will play all the qualification rounds of their Golf Club, will be awarded with a Partecipation Bonus of 10 points.

Players that will play at least 1 Bretagna Tour rounds outside their country, will be awarded with an International Partecipation Bonus of 5 points.

If a player will improve his handicap and will move on a different handicap category, he will carry through his previous points.


At the end of each single stage. The Golf Club will have to send the schedule through e-mail to the Organization Main Office This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Then, the standings will be released on the Golf Championship Official Statistics Web-Page.

This way, each single player will be allowed to check his own placement.


At the end of all the Golf Club’s Bretagna Tour rounds, the Organization Main Office, following this rules, will release the names of the 6 golfers (1st Net of 1st, 2nd and 3rd Category, 1st Scratch, 1st Lady, 1st Senior) that did obtain the rights to play the National Semi-Final.

The names will be highlight on the Golf Club’s Standing and will be released on this web-site.


Communication for the National Final (completly free) will be then sent to the Golf Clubs.

Then, the Golf Club will need to communicate with their players, that will need to subscribe through a digital formulary, available on this web-site 40 days before the event.


The winners of the National Semifinal will be rewarded with the International Final, through the following formula: First placements for each handicap category, the first placements for the gross standing, the first placements for the Senior standing and the first Lady.

After it, each golf player will have to confirm their partecipation to the International Final through a digital questionnaire available on the Bretagna Tour official web-site.

If any of the winners will not be able to come, the rights can not be moved to the following players.


The International Final will take place in Britain in the beautiful Club of Planeuf-Val-André.

There, the 1st and 2nd place of each category will be rewarded with an original trophy as well as the 1st Scratch, the 1st Senior and the 1st Lady.

The winner of the Scratch standing, will be named Bretagna Tour European Champion, and he/she will be invited the following year to defend his title.

The International Final is exclusive for the players that previously won his or her National Semi Final. There is no chance of replcement for any players qualificated to the Final.